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2KB Games - Part 9


Masters of Backgammon 1.3.3.

Today Apple approved our update for Masters of Backgammon.
We had to fix errors in rules for narde and backgammon and improve stability of the online game. Apart from bug fixes, we also added more sound effects, which you will most definitely like. We present to you – version 1.3.3!

Masters of Backgammon v.1.3.3.

New icon for Masters of Backgammon

Think different.

Masters of Backgammon Update

Today in AppStore we made available the new version of Masters of Backgammon (1.3.2.).
The main feature is additional of a bulletin board for updates and news.
Now you can not only receive the latest news from World of Backgammon, but also leave your messages for other players or administration (leave a notice, appoint tournament date and time, share an interesting story, etc…)

We also improved the difficulty of AI and did our best to fix all the known bugs.

We are the first!

Our app “Masters of Backgammon” has steadily won its place on first positions of Dice category in the Russian appstore. Thank you all for the support!

Masters of Backgammon version 1.3.1

We are releasing a big update for Masters of Backgammon.

What can we surprise you with?
– Three new backgammon styles: Tavla, Old English and Nackgammon. It’s great, since now we have 5 well detailed game rules. We can play by whichever rules we prefer.
– Better graphics. We did our best to remake entire interface, improving its quality. It’s great!
– New HELP section. Added game rule description with pictures. You can browse the rules while playing!
– Improved AI
– Улучшение AI, notice of match start, bug report and much, much more.

New features for Masters of Backgammon

We are happy to introduce a new version of Masters of Backgammon. We added full GameCenter support. Currently the game supports 16 achievements, multiplayer and friend invitation. We also added a double cube for computer and much, much more. The game has become much more fun!

iTunes link: Masters of Backgammon

Masters of Backgammon Free

Recently we added a free version for Masters of Backgammon to the AppStore. Now you are able to enjoy the game of backgammon for free! The app has no advertisements and has only game mode limitations. It is possible to play only against computer.

iTunes link: Masters of Backgammon Free

Update for Masters of Backgammon

Today we released a new version of Masters of Backgammon in the AppStore.
We added GameCenter support with the oppurtunity to participate in leaderboards. We also added advanced statistics for the last match and ability to share the game with friends in Facebook and Twitter.

Soon we will release another update with full multiplayer support via GameCenter and a plenty of unique achievements.

Currently we run a special offer! For only one week we are selling this game at a bargain rate of $0.99! Hurry up and get it while it lasts!

Masters of Backgammon now in AppStore!

Our game “Masters of Backgammon” released 17 august and available on the AppStore. “Masters of Backgammon” it’s simple, easy in use game of backgammon. More details you can read here.
Looking forward to you in the online game “Masters of Backgammon”.

Click here to download!

In near future is preparing a big update, where we will be able to play through Game Center.

Internet-Backgammon soon on AppStore

Our company is currently developing internet-backgammon for iPhone/iPad touch and iPad. We decided to work on this project when we realized that AppStore does not have a decent backgammon app with good graphics and easy controls where artificial intelligence could compete with a human in single player, and where one could quickly play a internet match against any other person on the planet.

We are paying special attention to the interface. Almost all backgammon games available on AppStore have problems with it. It gets quite frustrating when you can’t comfortably select a dice. The start of the game is overwhelming as well since you have to constantly enter various names and press a lot of buttons. In our game it is pretty easy to start the application by pressing just one button! And you instantly are able to play backgammon with an English professional. It’s great.

We believe that the best feature is the option to play the short (backgammon) games and the long (narde) games. These are two different game mechanics. In Russia people prefer the long narde games. Now you can do it online. I almost forgot, in our backgammon you can also communicate with other players, neat, isn’t it?

Keep following our news, soon on AppStore!