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2KB Games - Part 8


Masters of Backgammon for Android!

We are happy to announce the release of “Masters of Backgammon” for the Android mobile platform. The game supports a large variety of backgammon styles. It is possible to play against AI on a single device, via Bluetooth connection and through the internet with people from all over the world. It’s really great!

To celebrate release for Android we made a 50% discount for the app. Purchase Masters of Backgammon in the Android Market and enjoy this wonderful game: Masters of Backgammon on Android Market

Currently Masters of Backgammon is the only project which allows you to play backgammon on iPhone/iPad, iMac/MacBook and Android online, with friends and other interesting people. We will keep developing the app to make backgammon more accessible and interesting for everyone.



Playing for blacks!

Update 1.4.2. for Masters of Backgammon is available at the AppStore. Several bugs were fixed at the update. Now there is an option to play with black chips and choose your side. In order to do this, check the game options.
The update for Mac version allows playing on a smaller screen, which makes the game on MacBook Air 11-13″ very comfortable.
The internet-game will be updated in the following versions. Keep checking the news!

Masters of Backgammon for Mac

Today Mac version for Masters of Backgammon was released. The application presents a rich functionality and game style variations along with an online gaming server, which allows to play against other players over internet who are running the app on Back, iPhone or iPad. Masters of Backgammon is the first backgammon app at the AppStore that allows online play.
The application is already available at the AppStore: Download Masters of Backgammon for Mac

Update 1.4.1 is available at the AppStore!

Dear friends! Today the long waited version 1.4.1 of Masters of Backgammon has been released on the AppStore. There have been a large amount of changes. Difficulty levels have been added in game against AI, several bugs have been fixed in multiplayer and in game rules. We also tried to note several requests from players.

Detailed list of changes:
– Interface optimization.
– Difficulty levels in game against AI: beginner, intermediate, professional.
– Fixed score counting rules in case of a quitting opponent: opponent does not get points, you get points according to game on board, however not more than it is possible for a match. For example, if your opponent escapes from Backgammon, you get points in accordance to value on the doubling cube.
– Fixed an error in game rules for all backgammon styles except “Old English”. Now it is mandatory to use both dices for turn if it is possible.
– Fixed double dice roll bug
– Fixed undo function bug
– Fixed bug of freezing upon raise
– In settings there is an option to switch off checker and dice animation
– In game via GameCenter an “inconsistent style” error is no longer displayed. Instead of this the game will use settings of the inviting game. The following features apply to these settings: game style, match limitations by points.
-In game via Bluetooth an “inconsistent style” error is no longer displayed. Instead of this the game will use settings of the player who first clicked the “Play” button.
– Removed Holiday theme.


2KB Congratulates You!

Dear players,

2KB team would like to congratulate you on wonderful Christmas Holidays!

We wish you lots of happiness, prosperity and also lots of fun playing our Masters of Backgammon!

Hopefully the next year will bring plenty more great updates and new features to the game.

Without you, dear players, we wouldn’t be where we are.


Masters of Backgammon Update 1.4 is out

We are happy to announce that the new update for Masters of Backgammon has been approved by Apple. Please update your games as soon as possible to enjoy the new features and additions to online gaming:

  • lobby server
  • ability to view other players games
  • ability to choose an opponent
  • the opponent loses despite the reasons for quitting (problems with the internet or unwillingness to continue the game). In this occasion the winning player gets score from the opponent.
  • It is now possible to surrender only after playing your move
  • splash screen added
  • a Holiday themed background has been added in the main menu
  • AI game has been improved
  • several bugs have been fixed

Happy Holidays!

Masters of Backgammon update 1.4

Dear players.

Today we sent the update 1.4 to Apple for approval. In this update we are introducing a number of changes: the background has been changed to a Holiday theme, number of bugs have been fixed and the online gaming mechanics have been reworked. The most important thing: we added an online lobby, therefore finding players is easier than ever! You will be able to create your gaming boards, search for opponents and also follow other games! Look forward to the update approximately within a week.

Masters of Backgammon Press Release

Masters of Backgammon is a professionally executed backgammon dice game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Masters of Backgammon allows playing against AI and real human opponents all over the world and also supports the hot seat mode to play with your friend.

The game supports several types of boards and game modes including Backgammon, Narde, Nackgammon, Old English and Tawla.

Masters of Backgammon supports 3 localizations: English, Russian and German.

Some of the other features include extensive statistics for the last match, ability to share your success on Facebook or Twitter, support of iPad and Retina Display and highlighting of available moves, undo function and more.

Masters of Backgammon Online Game Issues

As you might have noticed during the past days we had interruptions of service in our online game and website.

This is due to excessive use of processing power and we had to switch to a dedicated server.

Currently the transfer is in progress and we expect the dedicated server to be up soon.

You might still experience some interruptions, but we are working to resolve this problem as soon as possible and prevent it from happening in the future.

Das wundervollste Masters of Backgammon in AppStore!

Today we released a new version of Masters of Backgammon, which also has a German translation. We also fixed a number of hot bugs and dice roll problems in multiplayer. Happy matches!

Version 1.3.5