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2KB Games - Part 7


50% discount

Attention, discount time! Dear players, starting from Friday, 23th of November til Monday, 26th of November Masters of Backgammon for iOS and Mac will be discounted for 50%! Invite your friends, get a gift for your close ones and enjoy the game of backgammon! We would also want to inform you that soon we will publish news regarding changes in soon to be released version 1.4.9. and the precise release date. Follow the news!

Backgammon masters: update 1.4.8

We are announcing the next update, which will be available after about a week. Version 1.4.8 will add even more options to online games and not only that.

Without further ado:
– Game has an option to view statistics for all online games (win count, lose count, total time and more).
– Added separated statistics for Hotseat mode. The statistics can be viewed from main menu by clicking on the Hotseat button.
– Added option to view player ratings by Elo score. TOP 100 of the strongest players are being shown.
– Player gets a notification upon gaining a new level in online game.
– After finishing an online match the player will get a notification of the changes in player ranking and Elo score.
– The player has ability to set a player picture (avatar) in his or her profile.
– When clicking on a player’s name in chat, detailed information about the player is displayed (picture, name, level and registration data).
– Fixed bug when viewing other player’s games as guest.
– Fixed bug with disappearing channel in chat.
– Fixed bug with displaying of player icons in game lobby.
– Fixed critical bug when launching application of MacOS 10.6.

In the following update of Backgammon Masters you will get:
– Detailed game settings for matches which were missing for so long.
– Expansive tutorial which will help beginners learn the game quicker.
– Reputation system for players which will resole the quitter issue once and for all.

Hotfix for Mac players

We are notifying MacOS users that the recent update for Backgammon Masters 1.4.7 for MacOS version 10.6 is not performing correctly. You can download the fixed version through the link below. Thank you for support and understanding!

Fixed version: MoB-1.4.7

Backgammon Masters: update 1.4.7

Dear backgammon masters! We are happy to announce the release of update 1.4.7, which will be available for download during the week. The update will be first available for iOS, Mac OS X and Android.

Full list of changes:
– The game now has a fully implemented chat, which allows players to communicate with each other, arrange matches, exchange experience or simply talk about various issues. The chat can be opened from the main menu by clicking on the blue ball.
– Chat is divided into two tabs: global and gaming. Gaming chat is only available during a game.
– Chat has two channels (Russian and international), which is determined by the game settings.
– Rating of players by ELO system has been implemented in the internet game. You can find out more about the ELO rating at www.2kbgames.com.
– Added levels. There are total of 7 levels, which are determined by your current ELO rating. The maximum level is 7, which requires 1800 points by the ELO system.
– The levels are portrayed by precious stones. The higher the level, the more expensive and beautiful the stone is. The level is portrayed besides the name of the player. For example, in the chat, in gaming lobby and also in player’s profile.
– New parameters have been added to the player’s profile: player’s level, ELO score, experience and amount of points until next level. The experience is equal with sum of all won matches. For example, in a match with outcome 3:1, you get experience of 4 points. Experience affects your ELO score, until you reach 400 points.
– Internet game now has a time restriction for moves. The player has to make a move within 90 seconds. In the future this limit will be selected by the player. The player who could not make a move, leaves the game room and the match ends.
– Changed algorithm for counting results in online game. Match counts as being ended prematurely if one of the players left the game or could not make a move within the given time period. However, now player quitting the game does not count as a loss, which is not fair to the players who are having internet problems. Upon leaving the game, situation of checkers on the board is being analyzed. The player who has less move count (pips) until bearing off of all checkers from the board, wins. However, no more than 90 moves. This means that you have to have at least all the checkers in your home board in order for match to be completed with a result. If the match is completed without a result, then whoever has more points in the current game wins. If the match is completed with a draw, for example, 2:2 or without a score, then ELO rating does not change for the players and the match counts as blank.
– The game now has Turkish localization. We thank C.M Turhan for helping us with the translation.You can choose the Turkish language in the game settings.
– Added a new game board “White crocodile”. The game board is very stylish, designed in white crocodile skin with black and red checkers. You can purchase this board at the game shop.
– Now the shop is being updated via internet upon entering the game.
– The shop is not available for OS X 10.6 and lower, since it does not support In-App Purchases.
– The game interface has been simplified. The backgammon style selection menu is hidden automatically.
– Statistics button for all games against AI has been removed from the bulletin board and is now available in the information window, upon pressing the computer icon in the menu.
– Tables have been optimized.
– The client-server system has been optimized.
– The game news will be loaded from HTTP protocol from now on, independent of connection to the server. This allows reading of news during maintenance of the server.
– A button linking to our site has been added in the credits.
– Fixed a bug in the game lobby.
– Fixed a bug with viewing of online games.
– Change of ratings and acquiring of achievements which are only accessible via GameCenter now only occur through the GameCenter system. Game in other modes (for example, internet game) does not affect the rating and achievements in GameCenter. In the upcoming versions internet game will have its own ratings and achievements.

Next update for Masters of Backgammon

Dear masters of backgammon! We would like to inform you regarding some details of the next update 1.4.7, which we will be releasing after a week. We did our best to implement even more functionality in the game, making the game play experience much more stable and enjoyable.

First of all, we decided to add a global chat which will be available at all times. In chat you will be able to communicate with other players straight from the main menu and even from the game lobby. As you enter a game the chat will have an additional tab in order to communicate with your opponent. The chat will also allow you to observe other players and even see their level, about which we will explain a bit later. The future updates will also include ability to send private messages.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions and requests. In update 1.4.7 we will include online match statistics for games played via game lobby. In the future all online server statistics will be available in game. Furthermore, you will have the ability to check your rating according to the ELO system. What does it mean?

You can read more about ELO ratings at Wikipedia.

We decided to implement rating calculations by ELO system analogically to how it is implemented in FIBS, however in Masters of Backgammon ELO rating will begin from zero. This allows us to separate players with different ELO ratings by levels. Currently there are 7 levels. In order to achieve the highest level in the game you have to accumulate 1800.0 points. We would like to remind you that in 1999 Garry Kasparov achieved record rating of 2851 points by the exact same method. You will be able to see your ELO rating and level at your profile. In the gaming lobby you will also be able to find an opponent according to specific level. The update will be released very soon. Stay tuned for more news!

Backgammon Masters update 1.4.6

In Backgammon Masters 1.4.6 we have implemented the following changes and improvements:

  • Added password recovery function. Password recovery button can be found at the authorization window.
  • Added password change function. Password change button can be found at the profile window.
  • Fixed incorrect name bug for not registrated users.
  • Fixed bug with entering of empty messages at the bulletin board.
  • Added 30 minute limit for inactivity during a session.

The update for Mac version will be available a few days later.

Backgammon Masters update 1.4.5

The regular Backgammon Masters update is out. We implemented the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added local statistics. Now statistics for games against AI will be saved and portrayed in the bulletin board stat section.
  • Fixed game crash upon minimizing
  • Fixed game crash after finishing a game upon entering lobby
  • Fixed Facebook and Twitter buttons in game results
  • Now upon launching the app a window will be displayed with an option to continue the previous game if it was not finished.
  • Fixed a bug in Narde with moving from head
  • Fixed a bug with multiple alert notifications
  • Fixed a bug related to unauthorized server access
  • Bulletin board messages now have a 10 minimum character count requirement.

Backgammon Masters Future Plans

Dear friends! We would like to share some information on our future plans regarding development of Backgammon Masters. After the following update, including fixing of online game and game rule errors, we will release a series of updates which will add a lot of new features to the game. First of all, the game will become much more social. There will be a global chat available, a friend list, private tables and game statistics. Each registered player will be able to compete with others for the title of the best player. We will also implement scores for which players will be able to buy game boards and other bonuses at the shop. Thank you for your support and keep following the news!

Backgammon Masters 1.4.4

Today we published the regular update for Masters of Backgammon. Unfortunately the release of the update was delayed. The work carried on for more than a month. Nevertheless, there are some things to see. Now the game has its own server which works via direct connection which makes the game more stable, reliable and faster. Now the data exchange happens instantly. You will feel this when playing backgammon online. The update also features a new backgammon board, new background image and the ability to register your own nick name and create private game rooms in online mode.

The update is available at the AppStore for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac and at Google Play for Android.

Opening of shop

Dear friends! We would like to inform you that the new version 1.4.3 of Masters of Backgammon was published on the AppStore today.

We had lots of discussions regarding the “Surrender” button, some people wanted it removed. We did not remove this option. Now it is possible to surrender only if the outcome of the game is obvious and at least 1 from 30 checkers has already been borne off the board. In the future we are planning to setup specific configurations for internet matches so it is possible to disable Surrender option in the game.

In the update we also noted some important functions: saving of single player game when the application is minimized in background (especially important on older devices), implemented notification of unacceptable movements of checkers, for example, when trying to go from head in Narde and place the sixth checker in Old English (we get mail from players who do not read the rules).

We changed rules in Backgammon and Nackgammon. The game with doubling cube is now executed by the Crawford rule. Upon winning gammon (if the losing player has not borne off any checkers) and backgammon (if the losing player has not borne off any checkers and still has checkers on the bar) have also been implemented.

There is now also an option to change game language in options during the game. To do this go to game options. Furthermore, the language switcher will now show only those messages and news on bulletin board, which correspond to the chosen language. Unfortunately our team can support only English, German and Russian languages.

Finally, the most important feature of the update. We have opened an in-game store in our game which is accessible through the bulletin board. Why is it needed? We strive for simplicity, convenience and beauty, so we decided to transfer the additional game boards to the shop. This will reduce the size of the application and in the future it will allow us to place some very interesting compositions.