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2KB Games - Part 7


Next update for Masters of Backgammon

Dear masters of backgammon! We would like to inform you regarding some details of the next update 1.4.7, which we will be releasing after a week. We did our best to implement even more functionality in the game, making the game play experience much more stable and enjoyable.

First of all, we decided to add a global chat which will be available at all times. In chat you will be able to communicate with other players straight from the main menu and even from the game lobby. As you enter a game the chat will have an additional tab in order to communicate with your opponent. The chat will also allow you to observe other players and even see their level, about which we will explain a bit later. The future updates will also include ability to send private messages.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions and requests. In update 1.4.7 we will include online match statistics for games played via game lobby. In the future all online server statistics will be available in game. Furthermore, you will have the ability to check your rating according to the ELO system. What does it mean?

You can read more about ELO ratings at Wikipedia.

We decided to implement rating calculations by ELO system analogically to how it is implemented in FIBS, however in Masters of Backgammon ELO rating will begin from zero. This allows us to separate players with different ELO ratings by levels. Currently there are 7 levels. In order to achieve the highest level in the game you have to accumulate 1800.0 points. We would like to remind you that in 1999 Garry Kasparov achieved record rating of 2851 points by the exact same method. You will be able to see your ELO rating and level at your profile. In the gaming lobby you will also be able to find an opponent according to specific level. The update will be released very soon. Stay tuned for more news!

Backgammon Masters update 1.4.6

In Backgammon Masters 1.4.6 we have implemented the following changes and improvements:

  • Added password recovery function. Password recovery button can be found at the authorization window.
  • Added password change function. Password change button can be found at the profile window.
  • Fixed incorrect name bug for not registrated users.
  • Fixed bug with entering of empty messages at the bulletin board.
  • Added 30 minute limit for inactivity during a session.

The update for Mac version will be available a few days later.

Backgammon Masters update 1.4.5

The regular Backgammon Masters update is out. We implemented the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added local statistics. Now statistics for games against AI will be saved and portrayed in the bulletin board stat section.
  • Fixed game crash upon minimizing
  • Fixed game crash after finishing a game upon entering lobby
  • Fixed Facebook and Twitter buttons in game results
  • Now upon launching the app a window will be displayed with an option to continue the previous game if it was not finished.
  • Fixed a bug in Narde with moving from head
  • Fixed a bug with multiple alert notifications
  • Fixed a bug related to unauthorized server access
  • Bulletin board messages now have a 10 minimum character count requirement.

Backgammon Masters Future Plans

Dear friends! We would like to share some information on our future plans regarding development of Backgammon Masters. After the following update, including fixing of online game and game rule errors, we will release a series of updates which will add a lot of new features to the game. First of all, the game will become much more social. There will be a global chat available, a friend list, private tables and game statistics. Each registered player will be able to compete with others for the title of the best player. We will also implement scores for which players will be able to buy game boards and other bonuses at the shop. Thank you for your support and keep following the news!

Backgammon Masters 1.4.4

Today we published the regular update for Masters of Backgammon. Unfortunately the release of the update was delayed. The work carried on for more than a month. Nevertheless, there are some things to see. Now the game has its own server which works via direct connection which makes the game more stable, reliable and faster. Now the data exchange happens instantly. You will feel this when playing backgammon online. The update also features a new backgammon board, new background image and the ability to register your own nick name and create private game rooms in online mode.

The update is available at the AppStore for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac and at Google Play for Android.

Opening of shop

Dear friends! We would like to inform you that the new version 1.4.3 of Masters of Backgammon was published on the AppStore today.

We had lots of discussions regarding the “Surrender” button, some people wanted it removed. We did not remove this option. Now it is possible to surrender only if the outcome of the game is obvious and at least 1 from 30 checkers has already been borne off the board. In the future we are planning to setup specific configurations for internet matches so it is possible to disable Surrender option in the game.

In the update we also noted some important functions: saving of single player game when the application is minimized in background (especially important on older devices), implemented notification of unacceptable movements of checkers, for example, when trying to go from head in Narde and place the sixth checker in Old English (we get mail from players who do not read the rules).

We changed rules in Backgammon and Nackgammon. The game with doubling cube is now executed by the Crawford rule. Upon winning gammon (if the losing player has not borne off any checkers) and backgammon (if the losing player has not borne off any checkers and still has checkers on the bar) have also been implemented.

There is now also an option to change game language in options during the game. To do this go to game options. Furthermore, the language switcher will now show only those messages and news on bulletin board, which correspond to the chosen language. Unfortunately our team can support only English, German and Russian languages.

Finally, the most important feature of the update. We have opened an in-game store in our game which is accessible through the bulletin board. Why is it needed? We strive for simplicity, convenience and beauty, so we decided to transfer the additional game boards to the shop. This will reduce the size of the application and in the future it will allow us to place some very interesting compositions.

Masters of Backgammon for Android!

We are happy to announce the release of “Masters of Backgammon” for the Android mobile platform. The game supports a large variety of backgammon styles. It is possible to play against AI on a single device, via Bluetooth connection and through the internet with people from all over the world. It’s really great!

To celebrate release for Android we made a 50% discount for the app. Purchase Masters of Backgammon in the Android Market and enjoy this wonderful game: Masters of Backgammon on Android Market

Currently Masters of Backgammon is the only project which allows you to play backgammon on iPhone/iPad, iMac/MacBook and Android online, with friends and other interesting people. We will keep developing the app to make backgammon more accessible and interesting for everyone.



Playing for blacks!

Update 1.4.2. for Masters of Backgammon is available at the AppStore. Several bugs were fixed at the update. Now there is an option to play with black chips and choose your side. In order to do this, check the game options.
The update for Mac version allows playing on a smaller screen, which makes the game on MacBook Air 11-13″ very comfortable.
The internet-game will be updated in the following versions. Keep checking the news!

Masters of Backgammon for Mac

Today Mac version for Masters of Backgammon was released. The application presents a rich functionality and game style variations along with an online gaming server, which allows to play against other players over internet who are running the app on Back, iPhone or iPad. Masters of Backgammon is the first backgammon app at the AppStore that allows online play.
The application is already available at the AppStore: Download Masters of Backgammon for Mac

Update 1.4.1 is available at the AppStore!

Dear friends! Today the long waited version 1.4.1 of Masters of Backgammon has been released on the AppStore. There have been a large amount of changes. Difficulty levels have been added in game against AI, several bugs have been fixed in multiplayer and in game rules. We also tried to note several requests from players.

Detailed list of changes:
– Interface optimization.
– Difficulty levels in game against AI: beginner, intermediate, professional.
– Fixed score counting rules in case of a quitting opponent: opponent does not get points, you get points according to game on board, however not more than it is possible for a match. For example, if your opponent escapes from Backgammon, you get points in accordance to value on the doubling cube.
– Fixed an error in game rules for all backgammon styles except “Old English”. Now it is mandatory to use both dices for turn if it is possible.
– Fixed double dice roll bug
– Fixed undo function bug
– Fixed bug of freezing upon raise
– In settings there is an option to switch off checker and dice animation
– In game via GameCenter an “inconsistent style” error is no longer displayed. Instead of this the game will use settings of the inviting game. The following features apply to these settings: game style, match limitations by points.
-In game via Bluetooth an “inconsistent style” error is no longer displayed. Instead of this the game will use settings of the player who first clicked the “Play” button.
– Removed Holiday theme.