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2KB Games - Part 5


Backgammon masters: update 1.5.3

smileDear players, thank you for helping us develop “Masters of Backgammon”! Today we are announcing a new update which will be available to AppStore and Google Play users within the next week.
We listened to suggestions from the players. However, we could implement only a fraction of all suggestions. We will keep working and improve the app with the future updates.

The list of changes:
– Added standard Emoji emoticons for chat
– Implemented board check for possible gammon or backgammon in cases where game ends prematurely (opponent leaves the game,times out, declines the bet or surrenders).
– Doubling cube is not active for the player who doesn’t have the right to use it
– Added mode for move confirmation. Can be enabled in the options menu
– Fixed a bug with internet connection problem
– Fixed a bug with resuming of connection to the server
– Fixed graphical bug during the game on iPhone 5
– Fixed random placement of checkers when viewing online games
– Abolished bulletin board. In the future we will offer a better method of communication in “offline” mode
– Added rating system information to the Help section

Backgammon masters: update 1.5.2

Dear players! First of all, we would like to thank you for supporting our project “Backgammon masters” and actively participating in online games and daily tournaments.
badgemobToday we are announcing the list of changes our regular update. This update will mostly affect online players, since we introduced Push-notifications. This way you will be able to immediately know about any upcoming tournaments. You will also get a notification whenever a new bonus is available. This is very convenient. In the future these notifications will be used to invite a friend to a backgammon match.


List of changes for 1.5.2:

– Viewing of detailed tournament info
– Push-notifications (tournament invitation, receiving of bonus)
– Display of badge on the apps icon (badge indicates number of unread messages)
– Fixed bug upon app launch
– Sounds notification at the ready screen
– Notification upon cancelling participation in the tournament
– The number of winning positions in a tournament depend on the number of participants
– In tournaments “Reward” has been replaced with “Prize fund”
– Help section now contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)
– Ability to send color messages in chat
– Fixed bug with displaying of ELO score

Delayed Macintosh update 1.5.1

Dear players, we are doing our best to release Mac version for “Backgammon Masters” as soon as possible. However, now everything depends on Apple. We wanted to give players an opportunity to play the tournaments and have uploaded both Mac versions of the app on our website. To install the 1.5.1 version of the app please choose the right application, download it and unpack it.

“Backgammon masters” 1.5.1 is available at the AppStore

Masters of Backgammon Download Links


Dear players, to find the right version of Masters of Backgammon for your device here are the links to all the versions that are currently available:

 For iPhone:
Free version
Paid version

For iPad:
Free HD version
Paid HD version

For Android OS:
Free version
Paid version

For Mac OS:
Free version
Paid version

Backgammon masters: update 1.5.1

Dear players, update 1.5.1. is available for download for iOS and Android. Mac update will be available in following days and we will have separate notification. Now players will be able to participate in daily tournaments to find out the best player. Tournaments will be in beta test phase. If there are any bugs during the tournament, we kindly ask you to report them to tech support. Full list of changes for update 1.5.1:

  • Tournaments in lobby by Play-Off system (the tournament ends for the loser). Any player can participate in tournament. There will be daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. The winners receive gold as reward. More information on tournaments will be published in news board
  • Before starting a match in online game a window is displayed where every player has to confirm that he or she is ready
  • Fixed bug with displaying of ELO score at the end of the match
  • Fixed bug in game lobby
  • Fixed bug in shop
  • Mandatory authorization for online games. Online games will no longer be available for guest users

Dice fairness issue

We decided to write an article on how dices are generated in “Backgammon Masters”. Recently we started receiving many complaints from players, asking to “fix” the random dice generator. Many players expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that dice in game aren’t being rolled like in real backgammon. Some players tried to convince us that the opponent gets the best combinations and asked us to remove this function. Naturally, many players complained about doubles. We were recommended to remove the frequent doubles so the game is more realistic.
But how are dice really generated? It’s all very simple. There are no tricks, bindings to specific players or positions and dice numbers are completely random. A random number from 1 to 6 is generated for every dice roll. The numbers are generated using random number algorithm Mersenne twister. This algorithm is used in many programs (for example, GNU Backgammon) and is one of the best ones, capable of generating an endless sequence of random numbers. We tested the system and generated 1 billion values. After this it was obvious that the chance of getting every dice combination is equal and that these values are completely random.
Naturally, we assumed that many players will not be satisfied with such explanation and created a special function in the game that lets you check the dice generation. Since version 1.5 a new way of checking dice randomness was added to “Backgammon Masters”.
Note: The current option is available only for online games.
Click here (http://2kbgames.com/backgammon/rolls_en.html) for instructions on how to check fairness of dice.
The idea of the method is the fact that upon finishing the game you can check the list of all dice rolled throughout the game and compare the values with the sequence of dice generated on our site. By comparing the values you can confirm that dice rolls are honest and being generated according to the algorithm. The same Mersenne twister algorithm is being used both in game and on our site.
We hope that this detailed post has provided you with extensive information on how random dice generation occurs in “Backgammon Masters”.
We would like to remind you that game of backgammon is a mix of both luck and skill.
Thank you for your attention and we wish you many successful games!

Backgammon masters: update 1.5.0


Dear players, we have submitted to Apple one of the most interesting updates so far. What so interesting in this update? Additionally to existing game modes, there will be a new game mode for gold coins. The games will become more exciting and fun. You can see the full list of changes below.


  • Games for virtual money (gold coins)
  • Game lobby now has a new section for money games
  • Receiving of gold coins in form of bonus every 6 hours and also for registration!
  • Players mini profile can be seen on the main menu. Option to purchase gold coins at the Shop.
  • Main menu is divided into 2 sections: a seperate menu for online game and another one for single player game, hotseat game and others.
  • The cube generation in internet game is now done on the server. The random algorythm used for generation is Mersenne Twister.
  • “Help” section has been moved to a seperate screen. “Help” button has been placed on the main menu and illustrated in form of a pitcher.
  • It is possible to check dice generation for internet games: in last match statistics Seed and sequence of dice is being displayed. Also, don’t forget about .dices command in main chat. Read the details on our website www.2kbgames.com


Backgammon masters: update 1.4.13

Dear backgammon masters! We are happy to announce the release of update 1.4.13, which will be available for download during the week. The main feature of this update – improved stability of online games.


  • Fixed bug with move undo
  • Fixed bug with counting of borne off checkers for the match
  • Fixed bug with doubling during game against AI in backgammon
  • Fixed bug with board change during online game
  • Fixed bug with password length in online games
  • Fixed bug with joining a password protected online game
  • Fixed game hang up during online games
  • Changed time out system for online games, allowing to play with unstable internet
  • Ability to view game time in players mini-profile
  • Ability to view city in players mini-profile
  • The side panel no longer displays at the beginning of the game. To open it one must press the side button
  • Added indication to show which side is making the move
  • “City” field was added in players profile
  • Surrender is only possible when all of opponents checkers are in home
  • Added server restart notification
  • Game statistics (after finishing a game) indicate points til victory
  • Points til victory are indicated at the right panel during the game
  • Changed point calculation in online game. If the opponent left the game and did not manage to make a move, you get the amount of points that you would get in a completed match or the maximum amount of points in the match.
  • Added shop button to the main menu.

Backgammon masters: update 1.4.12

Dear players, update 1.4.12 (1.1.12 for free version) will be available in the following days. We would like to give you a list of changes in the latest version.

  • Fixed a rare bug with coding in chat upon registration
  • Fixed glitch with chat button during the game
  • Fixed bug related to restoring boards during the game
  • Improved backgammon rules: In case if player cannot use 2 dice, then player should select the one with largest count. Old English Backgammon is an exception where you can use any dice.
  • Added notification to purchase new boards
  • Fixed a bug in games via GameCenter
  • Fixed bug with tablet rotation
  • Fixed bug with internet game lag
  • Fixed bug with option to roll dice in rare case when all pieces are blocked and there is no way to move
  • Fixed bug which occurred after using the “Surrender” option
  • Fixed bug during game watching

Backgammon masters: Mac version 1.4.11

Because of the temporary absence “Backgammon masters” of the Mac AppStore the full version can be downloaded here:

Update: “Masters of Backgammon” app version 1.4.11 is once again available at the Mac App Store.