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2KB Games - Part 3


Happy New Year 2015!

Dear players, we wish you a happy New Year! Enjoy the time besides your close ones and friends. Be healthy and achieve success in all areas of your life!

Attention! Until 3rd of January full app price has been reduced by 50%. Get it as a gift for yourself and close ones. In game shop we will also have a special offer from 1st to 3rd of January, allowing you to get 50% more gold.


Backgammon Masters for iPhone (50% discount)
Backgammon Masters for iPad (50% discount)
Backgammon Masters for Mac (50% discount)

Backgammon masters: update 1.6.12

We are happy to announce that Holiday update 1.6.12 is available. In this update we fixed known bugs. We also changed interface of “Help” section, making it more accessible. We added Shop bonuses “Online game” and “No ads” for free version of the game when buying game gold. Full change list can be seen below:

Change list 1.6.12:

– Added Holiday theme
– Added information about last login on login screen
– Added a partner in help section: online board store – “The Backgammon Store”
– Fixed display glitch for iPhone 4
– Fixed chat bug
– Changed Shop design in game
– Changed “Help” section, which can be opened by clicking on the book. Added code of conduct and privacy policy to the help section
– Changed rules of gold purchase. If “Online game” and “No ads” packs haven’t been bought, then upon buying any amount of gold, packs will be given as a gift! For one purchase you can receive only one gift. For example, if you don’t have any packs, upon buying game gold for the first time, you will get “Online game” pack, and “No ads” pack upon second purchase.
– Moved “Restore purchases” button to settings (required to restore boards, etc.)
– Minor interface changes

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.11

We announce regular update 1.6.11. Current update includes bug fixes in game logic which lead to moves against rules. Furthermore, app now supports improved graphics for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Detailed list of changes can be read below. Happy upcoming New Year!

Change list 1.6.11:

– Improved graphics for iPhone 6 and 6+
– Fixed game logic bug
– Fixed game bugs and crashes
– Minor interface changes
– Mailbox now displays list of unread messages
– On player’s profile days since registration are displayed instead of a registration date

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.9

Version 1.6.9 is available in form of a free update. We fixed important bugs in game logic. Furthermore, we fixed an exploit that allowed to move 6 checkers by using the undo function. You can now enter online game via social networks such as Facebook and VKontakte.

Change list 1.6.9:

– Added registration and log in via social networks Facebook and VKontakte
– Added option to move the marker in text fields
– Changed online game entering window
– Fixed bug which allowed to block 6 spots against the rules
– Checker placement is not taken into account when refusing a bet
– Small changes in the interface

New server!

We are happy to announce that “Backgammon masters” game server has been migrated to the biggest data centre in Germany. New server is more reliable and will allow us to improve stability of online game, also reducing crashes on the server to zero. We congratulate everyone with this huge step.

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.7

Hello, Backgammon Masters! Update 1.6.7. will be available today at 17:00 Moscow time (13:00 UTC). In this update we fixed bugs from the previous version. We also fixed a critical bug for MacOS. Additionally we made some improvements in mailing system and added privacy policy. You can read privacy policy in game and on our website: Privacy Policy

Change list 1.6.7:

– Fixed bug in game logic
– Fixed bug when loading app on Mac OS
– Fixed bug at loading Mac OS version upon purchase of premium pack
– Added mail notification for penalty when breaking game rules
– Added mail notification upon friend request denial
– When writing new in-game mail the available symbols are shown
– Added privacy policy. You can read it in “Credits” section

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.6

Version 1.6.6. is available for updating for iOS, Mac and Android! Now all players have access to private messaging system and notifications. You are able to send private messages to your friends even if they are offline. We also fixed several critical bugs in terms of game logic, which often lead to game crashing. Full list of changes is below. Good luck!

Change list 1.6.6:

– Added private message system between friends. Private messages are available in the mailbox. Private message can be sent in two ways. First method: click on a friend in chat and on the profile choose “Options->Send Mail”. Second method: click on the feather button in mailbox and choose a friend.
– Added notifications to players upon receiving gold from friends and upon getting a mute from the moderators.
– Added notification upon being late for a tourney
– Added the “rope” back. It opens the news board and mailbox.
– Fixed checker selection bug for Android
– Fixed critical bug in game rules upon bearing checkers of the board
– Changed algorithm upon counting a victory in case of opponent declining a raise. Now a chance of “Gammon” victory is being taken into account
– Slight interface changes

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.5

We are happy to announce version 1.6.5 for Backgammon Masters. In the new version we implemented expected Elo change prediction before games, allowing players an easier way to track their Elo changes. We also fixed a variety of bugs and some vulnerabilities. Unlimited turn games are only available when inviting a friend to a game. This change was implemented to prevent players from abusing the mechanism by not making a move and waiting for opponent to quit the game first.

In the nearest future we are planning to move our server to Europe. We hope this will improve the connectivity for many players. See you in the game!

Change list for 1.6.5:
– Added Elo calculation for win/loss
– Game does not count if an opponent times out and a player has not borne off any checkers (for all games, except tourneys) or a player made a forbidden move (for all games, except tourneys). The player who made a forbidden move will be blocked for 60 minutes
– Changed experience counting algorithm. From now on experience will be summed from all matches, not depending on their result.
– Changed unlimited time game mode. Now this game mode is only available in games with friends
– Fixed Bluetooth game mode
– Fixed bug when game does not launch via push notification
– In one touch move the bigger dice is always shown first
– Fixed crashes

Android Beta Testing

Starting from today you can become a beta tester for Android. If you are having problems with launching the app or experience crashes, we recommend you to participate in beta testing of the app.

Join beta test

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.3

Greetings, players! Update 1.6.3 will be available in the following days. We implemented several changes in various aspects of the game. From now on tournaments will be more frequent and all players will be able to see tournament notifications. We have implemented rating for tourney wins and winners will receive medals. We also fixed several crashes, bug upon tournament registration and an error in game rules.

Change list for 1.6.3:

– Tourneys now take place every 3 hours
– Player gets awarded a medal for winning a tourney. Medals are displayed in player’s profile.
– Added rating list for players by medals.
– Various event notifications are now displayed at the main menu (for example, tourney notifications)
– Added ability to view upcoming tourney schedule in the “Tournament” section
– Added option to transfer gold between friends
– Added “Options” button for chat where players can read game rules and change message color
– From now on local time will be displayed in news and tourneys (before it was server time)
– Improved design of certain game elements
– Added falling gold effect upon bonus
– As of now the maximum amount of money that can be won in internet game cannot exceed the amount of coins of either player (before this the win sum was limited by gold of losing player)
– Fixed bug in game rules related to bearing off
– Fixed tournament notifications bug
– Fixed various bugs and crashes