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50% discount

Attention, discount time! Dear players, starting from Friday, 23th of November til Monday, 26th of November Masters of Backgammon for iOS and Mac will be discounted for 50%! Invite your friends, get a gift for your close ones and enjoy the game of backgammon! We would also want to inform you that soon we will […]

Backgammon masters: update 1.4.8

We are announcing the next update, which will be available after about a week. Version 1.4.8 will add even more options to online games and not only that. Without further ado: – Game has an option to view statistics for all online games (win count, lose count, total time and more). – Added separated statistics […]

Hotfix for Mac players

We are notifying MacOS users that the recent update for Backgammon Masters 1.4.7 for MacOS version 10.6 is not performing correctly. You can download the fixed version through the link below. Thank you for support and understanding! Fixed version: MoB-1.4.7

Backgammon Masters: update 1.4.7

Dear backgammon masters! We are happy to announce the release of update 1.4.7, which will be available for download during the week. The update will be first available for iOS, Mac OS X and Android. Full list of changes: – The game now has a fully implemented chat, which allows players to communicate with each […]

Next update for Masters of Backgammon

Dear masters of backgammon! We would like to inform you regarding some details of the next update 1.4.7, which we will be releasing after a week. We did our best to implement even more functionality in the game, making the game play experience much more stable and enjoyable. First of all, we decided to add […]

Backgammon Masters update 1.4.6

In Backgammon Masters 1.4.6 we have implemented the following changes and improvements: Added password recovery function. Password recovery button can be found at the authorization window. Added password change function. Password change button can be found at the profile window. Fixed incorrect name bug for not registrated users. Fixed bug with entering of empty messages […]

Backgammon Masters update 1.4.5

The regular Backgammon Masters update is out. We implemented the following fixes and improvements: Added local statistics. Now statistics for games against AI will be saved and portrayed in the bulletin board stat section. Fixed game crash upon minimizing Fixed game crash after finishing a game upon entering lobby Fixed Facebook and Twitter buttons in […]

Backgammon Masters Future Plans

Dear friends! We would like to share some information on our future plans regarding development of Backgammon Masters. After the following update, including fixing of online game and game rule errors, we will release a series of updates which will add a lot of new features to the game. First of all, the game will […]

Backgammon Masters 1.4.4

Today we published the regular update for Masters of Backgammon. Unfortunately the release of the update was delayed. The work carried on for more than a month. Nevertheless, there are some things to see. Now the game has its own server which works via direct connection which makes the game more stable, reliable and faster. […]

Opening of shop

Dear friends! We would like to inform you that the new version 1.4.3 of Masters of Backgammon was published on the AppStore today. We had lots of discussions regarding the “Surrender” button, some people wanted it removed. We did not remove this option. Now it is possible to surrender only if the outcome of the […]