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Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.2

We are happy to announce new version 1.6.2. of “Backgammon Masters”. We added a new game mode “One touch move” and we really hope that you will like it. We also implemented some interface changes and updated game rules. Change list for 1.6.2: – Main chat displays the number of active and total players in […]

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.0

Dear players, we would like to share some information about the upcoming update. This time we added a lot of new features. Now players can add others to their friend list and invite to a game using Push-notifications. This way one can invite a player to game even if they aren’t online. In the future […]

Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.11

Version 1.5.11 is available! In the new version we implemented individual dice roll statistics for every player and a way to check them. You can check dice roll statistics in the statistics section where you will see: total stats, last match stats, game history and rating. Why is this needed? First of all, to see […]

Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.10

Dear players, update 1.5.10 will soon be available free for download on iOS, Mac and Android. This update includes new extra options and also improves stability of the game as we have fixed a lot of bugs. Online game will not be available on the old version anymore. Here is the full change list: – […]

Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.9.

Dear players, we are happy to announce that update 1.5.9 for Backgammon Masters is available. We completely redesigned match results window and added a rematch option. We also fixed a lot of bugs. Change list for update 1.5.9: – Added rematch option. “Rematch” button can be found at match result window. The rematch match has […]

Backgammon masters: update 1.5.8

Dear players, we are happy to announce that soon we will release update 1.5.8 in which we added iOS7 support and also fixed lots of game bugs and crashes. List of changes for 1.5.8: – Added iOS 7 support – Fixed surrender bug – Fixed several bugs which lead to application crash – Fixed last […]

Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.7

Dear players, we are announcing the next update for Backgammon Masters which already available for free update. Change list of update 1.5.7: – Added quick texts for chat during the game – Implemented system for sending of crash reports to developers – Added notification of points that you will lose upon: surrendering, refusing a bet, […]

Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.6

Dear players, we are happy to announce that our game became one of the first to support DICE+. DICE+ is a white electronic game dice with transparent borders. The dice can be connected via Bluetooth to a device which runs our app. Each DICE+ roll is registered on the device. The dice has a few […]

Masters of Backgammon update 1.5.5

Dear players, our provider Hostgator, on which we have our online server started reorganization of data center without warning us of potential problems that might occur. As a result during last two weeks we had lots of disconnection issues with the server. On 7th of August HostGator will stop providing all services, including game server […]

Masters of Backgammon: update 1.5.4

Dear players, we are announcing the next update for Backgammon Masters which is scheduled for release at around 1st of August. This update fixes a lot of errors, some of them critical. Additionally to the fixes the game now features an “Auto Bearoff” feature, which allows you do bear off checkers from the home board […]